How to become his friend?

There's this guy in my tech theater class that's a junior, and I like him. (Surprise, surprise!) Anyways, I'm a fish (I should be a Sophomore though, because I got held back in kindergarten because I was quiet and didn't talk much)...I'm still like that and that's the problem. I never talk in this class and I want to be his friend and I only have two months left. Help?


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  • ummm without talking to him its not really going to happen

    try hard talk flirt etc...


What Girls Said 1

  • You know your problem and you know what you have to do. Talk to him. I get that it's hard to talk to people, especially guys we have crushes on. But you need to do it. Don't think, just walk up to him and say hi. Ask him about the hw, his plans for the summer, etc.


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