Does she hate me now?

I know this is super circumstantial but I have no way else of knowing; a year and three minths ago I went through a break up and suffered from depression, axiety, insomnia, the works. The last thing she said to me was maybe we can talk again in the future, bye for now. And I said back that I didn't care if we talk or not. But I didn't mean it but up until a couple months ago I never said anything else to her. I sent a text and a rather long one saying I was sorry for anything I did on my part and we should have never tried to talk about it over text in the first place and I told her I was hurt and angry and made choices I wouldn't have nornally made and I was sorry for that. But she has a super strict family and wasn't even suppd to be talking to me (boys) in the first place and oir relationship was a secret. She didn't respond but I have no idea if she hates me or wants to but just can't. I miss her all the time and I just wanna know. Her mom blocked me on FB so I know she knows but I don't know whats going on.
Does she hate me now?
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