I have sex with my ex, I don't know what we are?

I broke up with my ex almost 6 weeks ago. We still talk as friends, but haven't seen each other until yesterday.
We were sitting outside in the middle of a pathway watching the sunset and drinking. Got pretty tipsy and he pulled me into him and held me and we just sat there holding each other. He pulled me on his lap and tried to kiss me and eventually I gave in and we madeout. And then we layed on the sidewalk with his arm under my head. We went to a playground (it was dark and no one was there) and played on the swings. And then we sat in the bench with me straddling his body and just talked and kissed. And then finally decided we both wanted to have sex so we went to his house (we didn't go inside because I was scared his mother would not want to see me). So we had sex on the ground below his deck. Then later I got a ride home.

We act like we are together, but we aren't. We always play around with each other and its hard to let go of the friendship we have. Today with both of us sobered up, we mentioned how it doesn't change what we are and just agreed that its just a complicated situation.
What are we exactly?
I have sex with my ex, I don't know what we are?
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