Why do I still think about my ex's?

My ex's were all nasty horrible blokes and I do not regret ending things with them..
But I still think about them occasionally.. Nothing bad I just think about the good times we did have together and I always think about if things were different. I don't miss them or have feelings for them but I don't know why I do this


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  • hey there, can i ask a question, i appreciate entirely what you have said but have you ever thought to yourself that your own thoughts have attracted these types of guys and their behaviours upon you and that the image of how different it could of been is actually yours alone upon the truth of the matter because they would never of changed and that is why you found the strength to move on, yet here you are wondering why? believe it not you already know why... xx

    • Thanks! Never thought of it like that

    • see in knew it, you are not down and desperate even though youve been through troubles, you have attracted situations which ultimately im guessing only ending up proving to your own self that you are worth more, feel more, want more, understand more and rightly so desire a partnership with an equal, so no you have finally asked the question its because you have always known the answer, dont get me wrong here im 45 and still make stupid mistakes along the way and still fucking learning its all part of the fun and horrible terrible torment lol but you are clever and knowing already i admire that, focus your thoughts on what you want, what you deserve, where you see yourself like you are already living that life, already with that person, if your open minded a book called the secret by rhonda byrne may interest you, i only mention it because you question about your thought process and this is very important to oneself, you questioned here tonight for a reason, trust me, xx

  • That's completely normal! I sometimes think about my ex and the good memories that we shared although I don't have feelings for him anymore. If I go a place we often went together, the memories replay in my mind. At least you're thinking of the good times you had together and not the bad times. Thinking about the bad times can have a negative effect on you and what you're doing--thinking about the good times is so much better for you and it helps you let go of your ex's.


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