How do I get her to cheat on her man?

I'm 19 and my ex girlfriend of two years stopped talking a couple months after we broke up a year ago this month because I got really drunk and tried to cheat on her... Even though I did that I've never felt this way about another girl...I still love her. She started dating this other guy about a month after we broke up. We still talked for a little while then we went out separate ways. I would still think about her from time to time and miss her. A little over a month ago I randomly decided to call her. She picked up and it turns out three weeks her boyfriend went to jail and will be serving 7 months maybe 14. We've hung out every single day since I first called her. I told her I still like her and told her I want to hook up with her really bad. She says the same about me and that she thinks about me as well as her boyfriend. She says she's never felt as strong of love as she did with me. She says she thinks about hooking up with me a lot and that she loves me still. The problem is she refuses to cheat on her boy friend and she says she can't just break up with him for the only reason of wanting me, especially while he's in jail, she would feel too bad, plus she does still love him. She says she's not the type to cheat even though we did hook up for a little bit after they started going out. All we did was make out but still...she says that was the only time she's ever cheated on someone and that she feels too bad to do it again. I just really wanna know what I should do to give me a better chance to get with her...what I really want is for her to break it off with him and come back to me. She says if they ever did break up she would definitely come back to me, but he's never done anything bad to her so she can't just dump him. I want her so bad because with her its more than just wanting her because she looks good or what ever, its the only girl that I have an emotional attachment to, and its a strong one. I love this girl and she means so much to me I would do anything to have her. What should I do?


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  • in short, if she's cheats on him she will cheat on you. women will low integrity should be avoided like the plauge


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