Do I need to stop being friends with my ex?

My girlfriend i loved left me and said she didn't love me but i agreed to stay friends with her and it was tearing me apart. I told her that she never cared about me and she didn't read the message where i said i wanted to talk. She didn't reply. Should i stay friends with her? it hurts to not have her in my life but i still love her.


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  • I couldn't remain friends with an ex if I still had romantic feelings for him. It'd be too painful. Eventually she'll meet someone new and watching someone you love... loving someone else would be far too painful to do.

    You have to be able to supress your feelings, and be an emotionally strong person to stay friends with someone you still love. I think you need to ask yourself which is more painful... remaining friends with her , knowing a friendship is all you'll ever have with her, or cutting all ties with her, and not having her in your life. Whichever is the least painful for you.. choose that

    • but i can't choose

    • I once read somewhere..

      If you have two choices and you can't choose between the two. Take a coin and choose heads for one choice and tails for the other. As you thrown the coin up in the air you usually instantly know which side you hope it falls on. Long before it hits the ground

      I know it sounds silly but I've tried it , and the side I was hoping for in that instant was where my heart lay.

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  • Walk away and don't stop till you meet someone new plus don't look back.

    • but i love her...

    • Okay I am going to be harsh - How much do you hurt now? - And it is like this every time you are with her - She has said there is zero chance of getting back together - If you burn your hand in a fire, you don't put your back in to see if it will burn again - Give yourself a chance and walk away.

    • but, love...

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  • Best to move on because it's just going to keep hurting you. If it's bad now, think about when she starts dating.

    • im having trouble moving on, how do I move on?

    • Get rid of anything you have that reminds you of her, distract yourself with a hobby such as gaming, sports or drawing etc., perhaps watch something that has your celebrity crush in it and focus on that, hang out with friends and family, keep talking to people, etc.

      This is pretty much how I moved on when my ex cheated on me last year

    • everything reminds me of her

  • give it some space , to let her think about , give it time , if she doesn't awnser then she moved on , i know its hard but there plenty of girls , but guess what love yourself before others

    • she is my angel, i can't loose her, i dont want to

  • Try telling her how you feel ( in person)

    • not gonna happen, it was a long distance relationship, she is in Europe, im in the caribbean

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    • because i do, she has my heart... and i can't get it back

    • Then I really have no idea what you can do...

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