Made a date with ex girlfriend... should we communicate beforehand?

My ex and I broke up a couple of weeks ago. We haven't really spoken more than twice since then. Yesterday I messaged her and said I was sorry about how things ended up, but that i'd like to see her and asked her to come over for dinner this week. She said "Of Course" and we continued to set a date for Wednesday night (I asked on a Saturday). We then texted briefly that night. She intitiated that, and also liked and commented on a picture of my son this morning (Sunday).

Since we haven't really been speaking much, I don't want to blow it by seeming too over eager, yet I'm not sure if I should also just not contact her until the day before with what I'm cooking for dinner. Any ideas on what to do? I messaged her today (Sunday) just to say hi, but I don't want to be blowing her up, or completely distant. Thoughts and suggestions are appreciated. Thanks


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  • I think we need to remain friends. It's better that way

  • Just leave her contact you.

    • Well she just replied and asked how my day was...

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    • Well, we talked a bit Sunday, and also on Monday. Everything seemed ok. I sent her a message yesterday saying I hoped she was having a good day, and never heard back. This morning I reminded her what to bring for dinner (she offered to bring wine) and asked when she'd be off work, and she has not responded. I guess I got my hopes up for nothing. Why the hell do women do this? It's emotionally abusive!

    • I have no idea.. wasn't the date meant to be like yesterday?

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