We broke up, we live together, I want him back. Please help?

Okay, so me and my boyfriend have been together for 4 years we have a son and I'm pregnant with our daughter, I'm 18 and he's 20 we have lived together for the last year anyway things haven't been that good in a while but I've always stayed by his side, I've put up with so much from him.. Like never being home and things like that, I can say I've been very insecure with myself lately and if he would even follow a girl on Instagram I would flip but I found out he was talking to a girl she said just as friends but I read what he said he never once mentioned he had a girlfriend... And he was clearly flirting with her I could tell he likes every picture she puts up and no one else's not even mine just hers, he broke up with me after I confronted him about talking to her he just said he didn't want to be together anymore I don't know what to do we live together but he wants nothing to do with me I'm 9 months pregnant with our second child if there is anything I can do to maybe help I will like, I said he's being very distant, sleeping in the couch not speaking to me. Etc. what can I do to try to get him back?


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  • I know this probably seems like a really big problem right now, and it must seem like getting him back would solve all your woes.

    But really, do you want someone who doesn't want you? Of course not. If what you want is financial support, you can get that from many different places, and of course he will support you too.

    If what you want is a happy family filled with love, he is not the place to get it, at least not right now.

    You cannot change people, nor can you ever truly know what's in their hearts. Hoewver, you can change your own attitude. Try and find positive aspects of this situation although there may not be any that spring to mind, keep trying. For example, wouldn't you rather know thie true nature of him now, rather than in two years, with maybe more children? Also, since this is happening now, you have the chance to find another mate quicker.

    And by the way, don't believe what people tell you that no guys want to be with another man's kids. I wouldn't think twice if I liked the girl. Just letting you know you have to keep a positive spirit about your situation.

    This will get better if you give it a bit of time. Don't judge anybody, not him and not yourself. None of us owe any of us anything. We are free, we really are and we have to honor this at all times.

    I'm sure that if you really love him, you want him to be ultimately happy, right? So respect his decisions about managing his own life.

    I know this may be a bit more than you can hear at present but see if you can focus on what you want, what's coming, and not what was.

    Best of luck.


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  • Don't allow him to sleep in this house and kick him out.
    The stress he is putting on you is extremely selfish for something so pointless is ridiculous.
    You will have a much easier time without this weight on you.

    You should be CARED for during pregnancy. Not pushed away.

    Taking him back when he has put no effort in is madness because he will never change this way. Only put more stress and loneliness on you.
    If he doesn't show you real love then you don't need him!

    Show your worth and focus on your babies - not on a grown adult who should have some self responsibility and value for his family.

    You are pregnant so not in the best state to think straight. So while instagram isn't a big deal - its very selfish of him when your insecurities are natural due to your changing body. He should be focused on you.


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  • Not gonna happen sadly.

  • Woww... This is what happens when you get married way too soon... Most guys at that age are not really ready to take any kind of responsibility nor they stay for very long in one relationship...


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  • I feel like you just want him back just because, but have you really thought about it? It made you uncomfortable when he was giving attention to other girls when he should be giving it to you. He is young, you are young. Lets just say i think that this will be one of those things that if he does not decide to get back with you, he will be begging you because he will realize what a mistake he made giving up something good. Stay strong x


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