Should I move on?

It's been over a month since my ex and I decided to take a break, but there's no sign that he wants to get back together


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  • move on. go on dates , don't think to much about him , make him wait.


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  • break = polite way to say we need to end this

  • Is there a sign from You tho?

  • He moved on. Breaks indicate lack of commitment. Married couples call breaks... divorce.

    • we weren't married.

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    • Doesn't matter. Even one is bad.

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  • In most cases taking a break means it's really over.

    All relationships face bad times, but the strength of the relationship is based on having the ability to resolve issues.. together, as a couple.

    Communicating , compromising , and sacrifices are essential for making a relationship survive. Breaking up when you face obstacles etc shows the relationship isn't strong. The love you both share should be stronger than the challenges you both face.

    To make it survive then you both have to talk about the issues which caused the break , and come to a resolution or compromise. You have to fight to make a relationship work during hard times.

    • this but op needs to understand that she will have to grieve for a couple of months before moving on. grieving takes time but the mind heals.

    • @chriss

      That's only if it's truly over. They are on a break. Some people do get back together after a break and their relationship becomes stronger. That's why she needs to talk to him, and know where she stands so she can heal and move on. At the moment she's unsure of where she stands with him , so moving on is more difficult because she needs closure to enable her to do that

      Obviously If he doesn't contact her , or respond to her then his silence is as good an answer as his words. So that'll be the closure she needs

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