Left really confused after chat with my ex, please help?

When I caught up with my ex for 'closure' he told me that he looks out for me at work, that he gets upset when he hears that I am going to a party or out clubbing, he misses our relationship and also tried to make it clear to me that he his making changes to his life in ways that would have benefitted our relationship if we were still together. When he told me these changes and now he's making them I was taken back because this doesn't benefit me anymore and I don't understand why he wanted to tell me this? After he told me all these things my mind has been all over the place- I really thought I was finally moving on before this.

When he told me all these things I acted as If I was shocked and that it was weird that he was doing all these things; which I regret because I do all the same things he did. But because he was the one that INITIATED the breakup I didn't want him to know those things. I mean I constantly stalk my ex's Facebook profile, I too look out for him at work and I miss parts of our relationship. We have mutual friends too so I invite him to all the events and he does the same because we are on good terms but I feel like im inviting him for the wrong reasons. I invite him because I want to see him not because I feel like I have to invite him.

I don't know what I'm suppose to do... I regret not telling him I do those things too but at the same time what difference would it have made? Did I do the right or wrong thing by not telling him? Why do you think he told me about the changes he is making in his life?

Thanks to all who comment.
Left really confused after chat with my ex, please help?
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