If I sleep with my ex boyfriend would he?

if I sleep with my ex boyfriend do you think he will get all his feelings back and want to get back with me?

cause we broke up 5 months ago but we still talk and sometimes text he says I'm the only person in his life that he trusts...and when were together he always flirts with me and says he hasn't moved on even tho he won't admit he still loves me he tells me that he's always thinking about me or talking about me what do I do?


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  • No! sleeping with him will give him all the benefits of a relationship without commitment. Then he'd have no reason to take you back if he has everything anyway... and I think he wouldn't respect you either, it's so easily done though, trust me I know. But it's better to lay the law.. it's all or nothing baby!

  • noo sleeping with him will just make things worse. If you sleep with him and things don't end the way you hoped, ou will feel used and end up more upset then ever!


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