How would you deal with the pain if the one you love just dies? Will this pain be forever?

3 years ago Someone that i was deeply in love with simply dies from heart problems, no warning no signs of anything. Apparently its something that runs in her family and she had been taking meds for it, just a week before she was a goner i was having a blast with her at a party.. She was the one for me & I've never been the same again..
Has anything similar happen to you?
A painful tearfull break up?
Salty break up?
Someone you love just cheats?

How do you forget?
She's always in my head, and I've dated 2 different girls after her and i just feel lost!!


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  • I'm sorry brother...
    This has happened to me TWICE.
    One girlfriend that I deeply loved and she ended up having an alcohol problem. She went out on a bender and we found her dead in the backseat of her car from alcohol poisoning...
    It took me a long time to recover after that one, and I did meet someone else, and we were hiking and she was stung by a bee, and she didn't know she was allergic, and she died from it. All the epipens in the world couldn't bring her back...
    So the point is you never forget brotha,... She learn to put them like a picture on the shelf in your heart. They will always have a place, but you have to keep living. You will have some rough times... its the reality.
    But the best saying I can think of is the one from Shawshank Redemption, "Get busy livin', or Get busy dyin'."


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  • I'm so sorry for your loss.

    I lost someone I love last year , and the pain of losing someone you love is excruciatingly painfull. . The pain is indescribable. You go through a grieving process which is necessary in order to deal with the pain

    I still miss him everyday , but time helps you to live with the pain. You find your own way of dealing with the heartbreak of losing someone

    . The tears I cried could have filled an ocean, but now when I look at pictures of him I can smile instead of breaking down in tears. So the pain does ease , but only in time. The pain is always there , you just find a way to go on without them

    Some people experience unresolved or complicated grief. If that's the case they need to seek a specialised grief counsellor.


  • Aww sweetie :-(
    Inbox me your # ill like to talk to you..

  • Inbox me if u wanna talk :')
    ill wait


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  • I got a similar but different story.
    In 2013 I introduced two good friends of mine to each other. They hit it off really easy. I didn't say a word. I just pulled one to the other every now and then and the chemistry they had was amazing.
    A few months later I got into college and my free time became scarce, so I kinda lost contact. She got into the same college a year later, so I'd see her every now and then. They were madly in love, in a relationship. He got into the neighbouring college a bit later.
    In January 2015 he found out he had lymphoma. Already at an advanced stage. Started chemo. Died 3 months later. Nobody told me until this year's July.
    She seems rather happy nowadays (I knew something was wrong back then, but when I asked she didn't have the guts to tell me, so I thought it was no big deal and I'd leave her alone - at least she knows I was unaware of it all). Dont know how she managed to get over it. Hell, Im still feeling bad myself. If I knew I could've been there for both. I still dont understand why nobody told me. Other people knew we were friends. Why did nobody tell me?

  • That's horrible man. I would make an appointment with a therapist to sort stuff out, I don't think anybody could process all of that on their own. I'm sorry, that's really awful that that happened.


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