What about the girls who indulges in multiple sex partners, Ons, abortions, etc and later lies about their past and tricks a virgin boy into marraige?

And after the husband discovers avout it (by findind sex video on internet, or from her emails or from her friends, etc) then she says her past is of no concern even though that may cause infertility (due to abortions), health risks (STDs as they have not tested because they lied) n emotional distress due to the discoving of the lies, etc. If the tables were turned and a boy lied about his income, about his job, about his previous criminal records and only confesses after marraige, will the same thing 'past is of no concern now' hold for the girls?


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  • I had a friend just like this and the lack of character disgusted me so much that we are no longer friends.

    This friend regularly had one night stands, saw multiple men at once, willingly chose to be the other woman at one point, and got an abortion without even consulting the guy or caring about his feelings. Then she had the nerve to say, "I'd preferably like to settle down with a virgin guy because I've found so many negative things about guys who sleep around a lot." ... Guys JUST LIKE HER who sleep around a lot and have picked up negative habits and thinking patterns along the way. I had to call her out on how hypocritical she was and inform her that it would be unfair to said hypothetical virgin guy because he's actually been exercising self-control and depriving himself of sexual bliss in order to have something special to offer and she hasn't even attempted to apply 1/4 of the same effort.

    It's so important to be transparent in relationships in order to avoid such disappointing situations.

    • Thanks for sharing the real story... n wow you are genuinly justified woman who does'nt take a girls side even if they are wrong.. You give equal respect to both boys n girls. Nice... n you're the MHO here

  • I don't think previous criminal records and all that stuff are comparable to past sex partners. She slept around she didn't commit any crimes!
    That said, if you are so gullible that you can't see that she is or used to be a promiscuous woman and marry her without knowing much about her and her story nobody is to blame but you.

    • He is to blame for putting himself in that position just like a person who puts themselves in any vulnerable position is to blame. Your past sexual history speaks to your character just like any decision you make.

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    • Again you are only viewing the criminal reason... he committed crime in the past n took the punishment and now he's a different person.. so whats wrong in that.. Same a girl may say those were past mistakes. Mistakes are mistakes even though it may not be a crime.

    • Sorry but I don't wanna be with a criminal. Once a criminal always a criminal. Only because ome swrved 15 years in prison because of murder or rape, it doesn't make you not a murderer or rapist.

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