Can't go back can't move on.. Obviously stuck with him?

So guys I have a big problem which I still can not solve for 2 months. I cannot forget the guy I love. Actually I confessed myself that however hard I try, I can not forget as I don't want to. Because I have fun when I am with him and everything seems so bright. Life had a point back then. All of a sudden we ended the conersations and never texted or called each other again. I miss him so much. I dream about him almost every night and day. Also I can not speak to my friends about this subject anymore as they are sick of him and all they say is to get over him but I can not. I think so much that I think I became an obsessed person. Now I think again but I can not find anything wrong between us and that I should call him when I go back to college 2 weeks later. Because w didn't finish anything, we didn't say each other the last words or so. Should I call him? by the way I don't have any pride issue and I don't care. But he has a pride issue and a little bit ego. His horoscope is Leo. Additionally, I dated for some guys in this time gap but I still couldn't get him out of my head
Can't go back can't move on.. Obviously stuck with him?
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