Why do I do this?

My ex was mentally and emotionally abusive and really controlling. He tells me all the time how stupid I am when I ask him questions. He'd tell me I am annoying when I do pretty much anything. On my bday he took the day off work without informing me and expected me to just hang out with him all day when I told him I had to visit my dad mom and sister before I could hang with him and he got mad at me for it (I know I shouldn't feel guilty for it but I do). When I would spend the night at his house I would wake up to him trying to kiss me or being all touchy. When I would spend time with him 99% of the time he'd be on fb or playing videogames. He'd never give me attention. I know he isn't worth it I know I deserve better but I don't want better. I still want him so badly. Why am I so in love with him? I'm under his spell.


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  • Leave him. Best way. You won't see it until afterwards but believe you'll see it X

    • I try to he told me he never wants to speak to me again but he's off snachatting my brother that he only met once. No matter how much I try to move past him he finds a way back into my life. I was over him went on a date with a guy then he messaged me and told me to prove to him how much I love him by showing up at his place and cuddling with him as soon as I got his message. Which I did because I thought he wanted to get back with me turns out he just wanted to be friends but his message was so confusing. So then I stopped talking to the guy I went on a date with because of him and he left again.. i know I should walk away but I love and miss him too much to.

    • Give yourself time xx

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