Why would an ex text you hey out of the blue?

My ex and I brokeup a year ago and haven't talked since then. We were on and off for 2 years. He never said anything when when we brokeup just disappeared. He randomly texted me just a plain " hey". I am wondering why?


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  • Could be many things. He could possibly miss you and was thinking of you, or he might just be wondering how your doing. Just the whole saying Hey only thing is kind of dumb. Not much to build upon that for a conversation.

    • Yes, its weird because the last time we broke up he texted me saying this is so and so and I am sorry for everything. He would never just text me hey.

    • Well it's petty if anything. I wouldn't reply back to an ex especially if they just randomly message me hey. They are ex's for a reason.

  • Maybe just to see what you are up to. If it didn't work then on and off for 2 years don't let him back in.

    • We were fine , but the problem was I kept broken up with him because we wouldn't see each for weeks just text.

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    • We live in the same town an hr away from each other. His excuse was always work and would put his family before me. That was our only issue. No fights or anything

    • Ok learning from my mistakes if he is legit andb wants something serious with you then he needs to put you forth his family otherwise it'll bring more problems. About work I see his point as I didn't have time for my spouse I work 120 to 140 hours biweekly 6 days of the week sometimes 7 days a week for an entire month. I work at ranch 4:30 to 6 kinda of job. But talk to him. It'll be a tough relationship. There are too many things between both of you.

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  • That's weird. Text back, "wrong number slut" 😂😈


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