Why won't my ex and his friends leave me alone?

We'll be broken up for 5 years in January. We dated for 2 years. He told me my dad deserved to die when I was in the icu, he hit me when I found texts of his ex saying I love you to him, I also caught him sleeping in bed with her and he paid for her hospital bill, he would curse at me when he didn't get his way, wanted me to drop out of school and be with him, he was sarcastic and said horrible things to me even tho I didn't cheat, he didn't take me out on 1 date or buy me stuff and used me for money and he pushed away my friends Bc he'd lose his temper and have an arrogant attitude in public. He claims he's a narcissist and at first I missed him and loved him but now I don't want him back anymore. He does drugs like cocaine and acid now and he dresses up in vampire goth drag outfits. I don't know what's wrong with him. Before I stopped seeing or talking to him he'd try to be all nice to me yet say sarcastic things to hurt me that other people wouldn't pick up on and he would ditch me whenever it was convenient for him. He'd use me for sex anyway and go on how he was interested in other people who didn't want him. Now I want him gone and he won't go away. He posts stuff on Instagram geared at me that other people wouldn't be able to understand. When we were together at the 1.5 year mark he tried to get me to date his friend Cam I don't know why and then after we broke up he said my boss is a lonely man implying I should date him knowing he deals drugs and is old. I'd rather drink bleach than deal with my ex and anyone he deals with.
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He also asked me how do I not kill myself in the past and he went to school to be a systems administrator so he read my emails to friends and basically copied and did everything my ex before him did to me. He also hacked my financial information concerning money my dad left me and talks down to me like I'm rich or something for wanting to spend 12k on my first car which is a necessity Bc I'm in college and I want to drive places.
Why won't my ex and his friends leave me alone?
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