Boyfriend is very disrespectful, end relationship?

My boyfriend and I live together. Whenever we get into a fight he withdrawals and ignores me. I am bad at leaving it alone but am getting better. The other day I left him alone and we made up. Then I made one comment which I think he over reacted about but I apologized. Then he makes me pay for it, is pissed off and goes as far as to say I need to learn there are consequences. He is always threatening to leave then after says he was just mad. He talks down to me very belittling, and acts like everything is my fault, disrupts the household, slams doors, etc. woke up my son last night and tried to blame me. He is shouting at 1:00 am and upset my son. I tried to smooth things over with him and he gets mean like he could give two shits about me. Then acts like it's all me and my behavior, he can do no wrong. I accept responsibility for not letting things go, but after I try to talk to him calmly and maturely but he won't have it. He gets just plain mean to me.
Boyfriend is very disrespectful, end relationship?
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