Boyfriend is very disrespectful, end relationship?

My boyfriend and I live together. Whenever we get into a fight he withdrawals and ignores me. I am bad at leaving it alone but am getting better. The other day I left him alone and we made up. Then I made one comment which I think he over reacted about but I apologized. Then he makes me pay for it, is pissed off and goes as far as to say I need to learn there are consequences. He is always threatening to leave then after says he was just mad. He talks down to me very belittling, and acts like everything is my fault, disrupts the household, slams doors, etc. woke up my son last night and tried to blame me. He is shouting at 1:00 am and upset my son. I tried to smooth things over with him and he gets mean like he could give two shits about me. Then acts like it's all me and my behavior, he can do no wrong. I accept responsibility for not letting things go, but after I try to talk to him calmly and maturely but he won't have it. He gets just plain mean to me.


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  • I never really trust these one sided stories cause you're probably doing everything right back, I don't know
    It sounds like you guys have a toxic relationship and meed to go your own ways

    • I have been very supportive of him. My downfall is not letting things go but when I try to even talk calmly he could give two shits and he has even straight up told me that I treat him like shit, then he will too. And he thinks he is mature. I treat him better than he deserves and even when he acts cruel to me I always try to work things out.

    • I would leave if i were you
      I know its easier said than done but thats really the only advice i can give :(

    • Yes I'm going to ask him to move out of my place. Heartbroken but he's being abusive

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  • Get out. He is all about him and uses child-like tactics to make his point and get his way. He will always react this way because he knows it works. He knows that you will try and make up as well as try to keep the peace at 1am because of your son. Its selfish and immature. If he threatens to leave again, just help him pack his bags. On the flipside, what do you get out of the relationship? Do you love this guy? Is he usually good with your son? Do you see a future? Figure out what you want with this guy.

    • Yeah sadly, you are right. I have tried so many times with him and whenever there is a fight he blames me. He is stressed he takes it out on me and he snaps at me over a simple question. I took him in when he had nowhere to go. I have been supportive of him looking for a job against my better judgement. He isn't even contributing to the household. I think this was the last straw for me anyways. He knows how I feel about being left but he does it anyways out of anger. And then he has the nerve afterwards to say he isn't going to leave me.

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  • This is emotional abuse and yes, you need to end it. It will hurt and you will want him back because you will forget about the hurt and think only about the good. But I promise you that if you go back he will begin this cycle all over again. There are consequences to making a woman feel sad and little, and he needs to understand that. You must show him that by walking away. Best of luck to you!!!

    • Your so right. I'm going to ask him to leave. I can't go through this nonsense every time he gets mad at me or doesn't like something I say or do. It just isn't right.

  • Yes you should


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