What does this mean when your ex keeps changing his display pic everyday to. the same girl of her different selfie pic?

is he into her? just curious... what he is trying to prove.


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  • He is your ex, so why bother about this? does it affect you or are you just asking this out if curiosity?

    I mean there is a chance that he likes her or finds her attractive, possible.


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  • That is a little creepy and weird. Is this girl someone he is seeing or talking to? He might like her or if he knows you notice him changing it and stuff he may do it to try and make you jealous.

    • i dunno if they are... could b to make me jealous or show his friends he knows a pretty girl... dunno bc he's not in the pic.. just selfie

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  • Display pic on what? How did u break up? My ex is doing the same on whatsapp... But only one picture the whole time

  • Being an asshole and trying to make you jealous. Lmao


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