Ex FWB calls asking for something more?

So my sophomore year of high school I met a guy who had a girlfriend and well things were going bad between them and I decided to be there for him through all his tears. soon after their break up I started to have feelings for him but he wasn't over her and she messaged me on MySpace saying it was all my fault they had ended completely. I took that as a sign to back off and let them work it out so I did, but he still kept talking to me but when he was around her he wouldn't even look at me.

Junior year of highschool me and him started talking again since he had a new girlfriend and his ex was nothing but the past. sonn after feelings came back and sexting because a part of our nightly routine. and it stayed that was until the beginning of our senior year.

senior year he had another new girlfriend and our "sexting" turned into actually doing it. which meant cheating on his girlfriend. I was a threat to all of them as they would put it, but I never understood why if me and him had both agreed on nothing more than fwb. graduation came around and well we never talked again. so its about to be one year since me and him talked.\

i got a call 5 nights ago. and it was him saying he was sorry for using me in HS and he really did have feelings for him and that he wanted me to give him a chance to be the guy I deserved. I then told him all I wanted him for was sex. and he said that it hurt to say that since he did like me and he knew I liked him but I set my mind to only sex and reprogramed my emotions to the need of sex for him instead of a deep relationship. now he's asking for a chance that I wanted. but now the questions is should I give him the chance?

i am more confused now since I been thinking about it but he hasn't called me in 4 days...so should I forget the last 2 calls with him ever happened? or should I wait like I did in HS for the chance that might never happen.

and if he calls and something does continue?

sometimes the things you wanted that you get, you realize that you were better off wanting them...


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  • it is totally 100% your choice but first ask your self

    Do you like him and is he worth it?

    I believe you can't change how you feel abt someone or program yourself cos if you do like this person you can't help but being whatever he wants you to be...

    the fact he didn't call back if you like you can call him just to check if he is ok and just to give him a hint that you want him also back... but if you don't just forget abt calling him.

    My advice if you want sth and you can do it just make it happen... cos sometimes you would just say I wish... and wishing won't change reality.


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  • Yea its really up to you, for all you know maybe he has changed, a lot can happen in year, or course he might just wanna use you again, so id tread lightly.


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  • i believe once a cheater, always a cheater.

    he cheated on his girlfriend and "sexting" with you is cheating too.

    who says he won't do the same to you if you give him that chance. but that's just my opinion.

  • Only you can make the choice on whether or not you want to give him the chance. Who knows, you may even fall for him. But me, nor anyone else, can really tell you what to do. He wants to be a part of your life, with more than sex, and personally, I think that you should give him the chance. Like I said, you could fall for him. And as for him not calling, if you really want to talk to him, YOU should call him!


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