My ex is messaging me but won't text me?

ok so my ex broke up about almost two years ago. weve both moved and what not and he came down back in April to visit some friends and family. see when we broke up he moved and had aslo had a girlfriend but they wind up breaking up before he came to visit. anyways when he was down here i went to my sisterz house and my ex boyfreind was there because my brother in law and him are bestfriends. i waant going to tall to him but he started talking to me first and we both apologized. we tall every oncr and. while on direct message on Instagram and most of the time it's him messaging me but i kno he doesn't like me like that. he even said he didn't and i dont either I've known him for many years. but anyways he was messaging me the other day and said how i tool two days to respond on direcr message i then suggested a better way to reach me is my phone to text me because i wouls reapond faster because im not always on social media. his reaponse to me suggesting that was ita not happening. so im confused because he's the one that is messaging me and saying how i take a while to respond i give him a better way to get in touch with me and he says that. and he said that i can message him. next time so it won't take so long. any idea why?


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  • Messaging and textingg..
    What is the difference?😁

    • exactly there is no difference i just don't understand why he said not happening when were still messaging anyways it dosent make any sense

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