Broke up because of the distance?

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I was in a relationship this summer with a man who moved to California. I’m planning on moving out there in 2 years when I’m done with school anyways so I figured a Long Distance Relationship would be ok. His dad is a pilot too so he could visit me whenever and I could visit him whenever. We talked about it and he said he would make it work because he was falling in love with me, he trusted me… He asked me if I would move out there when I was done with school and I told him I would if we were still together. So I figured we would try this out. When I came back from Disney before he left… He told me he doesn’t know if he can handle the distance
Doesn’t know if he trusts himself (I had to get that out of him sort of).. He asked about doing the no commitment thing and in two years get back together, which honestly hurt me. I told him that, that wasn’t fair to me blah blah blah. He ended up crying when we said our goodbyes and he called me and told me to come over because he was so upset and wanted to see me so I did. He asked me if I still wanted to go to his cousins wedding and I was back and fourth about it for awhile. I decided to go which was that Sunday. His family took pictures of us and whatever and me and him talked. He asked if I would really never speak to him again and I told him I would have to move on so yeah.
+1 y
He said he didn’t want to lose me and he wanted to try to make it work. The day after the wedding he left for California but wanted me to come by and say goodbye, so I did. Two days go by and he sends me a text saying something along the lines of… he doesn’t trust himself when he’s out there if he’s put in certain situations (his friends more than likely… Would be adding too it). He said he wants to be loyal but he doesn’t want anything to break the trust that we have.
+1 y
He also said he’s not ready to settle down yet blah blah blah… (Which I’m only 22 and he turns 24 next week, I’m not thinking about marriage any time soon so I didn’t understand that). We left on good terms… And I told him if it’s good timing for me and wants to try it again he could let me know. He told me also I was the best girlfriend he’s ever had. We were good for each other and both extremely happy…….

He says he still loves me and cares about me
Broke up because of the distance?
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