Is my LDR doomed?

I'm a bit upset and jealous. I have a long distance relationship that I only see my boyfriend once a month or every other month. We never get weekends together but I asked him to request off for a weekend which is my birthday weekend or at least one day out of it. He didn't and he even let them talk him into working the WHOLE weekend. I took off for nothing thinking he'd do the same. He has canceled on me a lot. I got over that last night and then today he tells me about a college assignment he has to go to a historic festival and write a report on it. He is the driver of the group of new college friends and I'm worried because 2 of them are girls and he was hesitant to tell me that... he's requesting off when he couldn't even do that for my birthday and he gets the whole weekend with them. I'm upset because in our year together, I've never had a weekend with him and I'm worried because he sees these girls more than me and I hope nothing forms beyond platonic relations. I need help.
Is my LDR doomed?
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