How should I act, when I face my Ex for the first time after we broke-up?

We didn't date that long (2 months) but we were friends before so I will have to continue to see him occasionally. I realize now that I pretty much did everything wrong... initiated everything, slept with him too soon etc and feel a bit embarrassed and silly. I will have to see him this week and its the first time since we decided to go back to being friends... or at least try to. I feel like its going to be really awkward. How should I act or try to act?


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  • just act normally. it's okay to flirt if he returns the flirt and what's wrong with FWB?

    • because I was starting to develop feelings. He said he would like to remain friends if he isn't too awkward. I'm not really sure what that means haha.

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    • Yeah I get awkwardness in general but why would HE be awkward? I'm the one that put my feelings on the table. And no I would never make a scene like that, I have more dignity than that.

    • maybe he is the guilty type and would feel bad or 'awkward' or going with my first response he would feel 'awkward' if you made a scene or said something embarrassing

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