Why do good things have to come to an end?

I'm feeling sad today everyone. Things ended between a really good man and I. When he approached me almost 2 months ago, we clicked instantly. I really liked the connection we had. It was easy and organic. But, then I quickly came to find out that he had ended a relationship of 2 or 3 years just 5 months ago. I knew deep down he wasn't over her and attempted to step back from the situation. We both agreed. But then we just kept talking to each other.. still holding on and it started making me feel resentful. And finally, yesterday morning he blocked me from social media. I texted him wanting to let him know that I was okay with it, but I wanted to understand his reasons. We ended up both agreeing that it wasn't the right time. He ended up telling me that he wasn't talking to her or anything, but that I had been right in saying he hadn't gotten over her and it wasn't fair to me. He said he blocked me moreso for him than because of me so that he wouldn't be able to contact me even if he wanted to. I told him that I understood and I wished him the best. I wanted us to leave on good terms because if we ever met up in the future, I wanted it to be nice and carefree. Said my goodbyes and in return he replied that he loves our connection.. that it was and still is amazing. He told me i was amazing and that i deserved more than what he was dealing me. He told me not to worry because he would see me again eventually, wished me the best, sent me a kiss and that was that

This. Sucks.

But do you think that there can be a possibility for us to reconnect later on? Thoughts?

Thank you in advance <3
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Why do good things have to come to an end?
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