He said he wants more, but then ignores my texts?

First of all he is my ex from three years ago, I know they say not to date your ex but I had no intention of it. I had just got out of a long term relationship that really hurt me and at the same time weirdly enough he came back. He apologised and I initiated friends with benefits just to get over my relationship. Within a month he told me that he has feelings for me, and a couple of weeks later asked me if it has to be this way forever because he would like more and see how it goes and I agreed. I guess this was considered dating. I met up with him last week and tried taking a picture of us just out of boredom I wasn't going to post it anywhere, and he jokingly said "nah I'm not your boyfriend you can't." Before laughing and taking pictures of us himself, I responded with "you wish" and he got shy, went quiet and said "can't tell you. I will next time." But then for the past few weeks he rarely texts me, we hang out and it's fine but he ignores my texts and I'm quite laid back but when we first began talking he would text all the time. I don't understand because he made this more by asking for more, having feelings, hinting just a week ago that he may want this, the only thing I initiated was friends with benefits and went along with the rest. Why is he ignoring? I'm 21 and he is 24
He said he wants more, but then ignores my texts?
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