He unsaved a lot of our messages on snap?

So he is my ex and today I was going through our old messages and saw that he unsaved a lot of them. Do you think he was rereading it and brought up memories?


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  • It is dangerous to try to read too much into such simple actions. It is equally possible that he is clearing them out so that it won't give a new girlfriend anything to ask him about. Or he is simply doing it to help himself to move forward.

  • I know it's tempting to try and figure other people's motives out. But think about it: you can't even explain your own motives most of the time, so to try and understand someone else's, and especially based on their online behavior, it just a trap.

    You will go crazy if you try to figure him out. The fact that you ask the question tells me you're not at peace with what happened, even if it's just for a moment. Now, this is your ego screaming at you: get information for me!! Find out WhY oh WHY it happened etc etc.

    Just ignore it, your job is to be peaceful and loving, to yourself, to him, and to things as they are. Learn to meditate or, at the very least, learn to recognize these unsteady moments, and relax. Smile at the sky and go for a walk.

    I hope this makes a little sense to you and I think it does...
    Best of luck.


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