Is it immature to not text back when a girl gives you the "lets just be friends" text?

We went on 4 dates and had a great time. She actually just made me meet her parents. But for whatever reason something happened and she's not into it anymore because she sent me the LJBF text. She wrote like a paragraph blah blah blah but I've seen it before and I think they make it nice to make themselves feel better.

I know it's not easy for them to send the text either, but why should I give them the time of day when the end result is still her not wanting to date?

I felt this coming but it still sucks. Im not devastated but I feel like I just might do no response and not talk to her again.



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  • If someone were to tell me lets just be friends and expect me to jump at the text they send id laugh... for the simple fact that I ain't fucking you I dont owe you shit

    • What about saying "Totally understand thanks for being cool" to show I'm kinda just shrugging my shoulders about it and moving on? Or is it better to do no response?

    • I just wouldn't respond at all why do you want to give anyone time that is not giving u theres? Your not in a relationship with them they are NOT entitled to ANY of your time

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  • You dont owe her anything.

    If she's not part of your long term vision, dont throw another penny her way. Save your time and look for the next one.


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  • Well, if you don't have any interest in just being friends don't respond. But if you do, send her a brief acknowledgement.

    • That's the thing I don't have any interest in talking further. I would only be responding to not be a dick but I really don't owe her anything

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    • Odds are I won't see her again

    • Then all that's left is if you'll have a lingering voice in your head for weeks, months or years telling you should have responded.

What Guys Said 3

  • Saying relationship only and wishing her well is better. But you can ghost at this point it's not a by deal.

  • her parents must have said something to her, so, she just had to say "ljbf". if you can't handle "friendship", then it's not immature, it's just something she'd have to deal with

  • Just tell her you're looking for a relationship not just friends but thanks anyway


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