Why would my ex text me after weeks of ignoring me, only to ignore me again?

Here's a quick run through of everything that's happen:
-We were together for a year (2 months long distance due to college)
-He broke up with me because he couldn't handle doing long distance anymore
-We both happily agreed to stay friends
-I let him know I didn't want to talk for a week before being friends, and he agreed it'd be best
-A week goes by and I text him asking how he's been assuming we'd start our friendship
-He ignores me and starts tagging some random girl on Facebook, this makes me extremely angry
-I message him some mean things, and we ended up having our first argument
-The next day I apologize and take full blame for the argument
-He blows off my apology, but when I ask if he's mad he says no
-I do a lot of thinking and text him one last time explaining my actions and letting him know I'm in a better place and would like to try and be friends again if he'd give me another chance
-He read the message but ignores it
-I stop texting him all together and start trying to move on
Alright... now we're up to speed. A week and a half goes by and he randomly text me out of the blue saying "Hey..." So I think, okay he's had enough time maybe he's willing to try at a friendship, or he at least wants to tell me something so I reply a couple hours later with a "Hello." He read the message instantly and has yet to say anything... it's been 4 days!!! I was starting to move on but then he acts like he's going to talk to me again and I start getting hopeful only to be let down again. What was the point of texting me if he wasn't going to take the conversation anywhere? I haven't text him anything since the "Hello."
My 2 questions are:
1. Why would he do this?
2. Should I text him again and just say something like "Did you need anything?" or should I just not text him till he says something again?


Most Helpful Guy

  • You shouldn't text him at all.. Moving on is actually moving on.


Most Helpful Girl

  • you two can't be friends yet...


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  • He wants some pussy that he thinks he can get easily.


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  • he texted you to prob see if you would answer him


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