Where and when is the line drawn?

How do you that its broken beyond repair? How do you know its time to move on and never look behind?


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  • When you have no more questions, about someone you used to be with.

    Question is, do you still like him?

    • I dnt knw.. I jst dnt want to be alone

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    • Boring? Why did you ask that question. Sounds more like your heartless, when saying its boring.

    • It gets boring when you dnt feel anythng.. Like u thea cz u supposed to

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  • All relationship have problems and times when it seems there's no hope anymore, but you know it's finally over when there's nothing left worth fighting for, or if only one of you is fighting to make it survive

    The true strength of a couples love is not the absence of drama and problems, but having the ability to make it last.. despite the challenges & obstacles that you both face

    • Thnks a lot

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    • Thanks a lot for the MHO ๐ŸŒนโค

    • Thnks for your help

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