I miss my ex. It's been a year and a half. Help?

We dated for about a year and there were a lot of rough patches we were going through because I was working a lot and he was traveling almost every other week. Things were fine until he became really cold and distant and just dumped me. Its been about a year and a half since the breakup and we hadn't seen each other since. He texted me out of the blue six months ago, apologizing for how he treated me and saying that he missed me and would like to grab coffee some time and catch up. I didn't give a sh*t about him back then because I was still holding a grudge against him, but I was like "eh, what's the harm? I'm up for it if you are." We texted back and forth for the next couple of days, making small talk and flirting a little here and there until we kinda just lost touch again after a week and stopped talking again. Never even went on that coffee date. I didn't care and just moved on with my life.
So, a few days ago I was cleaning out my drawers and found this necklace he gave me for Valentine's day two years back. I haven't stopped thinking about him since and all these memories of how happy I was with him kept flooding my head. No guy had ever made me feel that way and right now all I want is to call him up and apologize for all the times I screwed up and get another chance with him. But I'm scared because I don't know if he feels the same way. He's had plenty of time to forget about me and for all I know he could be in another relationship right now so I don't know... should I do something or am I just going insane?


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  • Trust me dont go down that path. If he just suddenly went cold and cut you off he probably had some sort of a slip up (cheating). It's shitty to hear but you need to move on. If he just suddenly cut you off once he could do that again. With that in mind you can always stay friends. Im still friends with an ex even though we had a huge fight that ended our relationship.

  • Alright look I had something pretty similar. You need to realize something, the memories, the feelings and the fun times will always be there and for the most part that is what you will remember. But you need to remember why the two of you broke up. What has changed since then?

    I tortured myself with thinking I would never find someone who would make me feel that way again. It went on for a year but eventually I realized this person is with someone else. There making new memories, sharing there feelings with someone else and I am no longer on there mind. I realized what we had couldn't have been that special or else they wouldn't be doing those things with someone else, you get what I am saying?


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  • Life is too short to hold back from telling someone how you feel. At least if he rejects you you'll be able to move on and know exactly where you stand with him Rejection is painful, but only a temporary statement. Withholding how you feel and what you want leaves you with endless " what if's" and
    " if only's"