We broke up because she can't handle a relationship right now?

My girlfriend recently broke up with me with the notion that she doesn’t feel like being in a relationship at the moment, but she’s happy with me. I’ll elaborate. Going back two weeks prior to the break we didn’t see each other at all. Normally she sees me once a week as she lives 30 minutes from my house and our parents worked during the summer time so her mom would drop and pick her up. She also has trauma with her ex boyfriend and her getting into a car accident so she wouldn’t let me drive her to my house. Also her having her house under construction so liability of the landlord having non residents in the house, blah blah. Anyways she was going out with her friends a lot those two weeks (all her friends are single btw). Then last Sunday she came to my house and we had lots of sex, basically enjoyed each other's time. The following day I noticed she was barely texting me and her responses were cold and dry when she did respond (usually one word responses). The next day after I get out of class she texts me saying she has to tell me something. Which then she says she’s been thinking a lot and I asked was i the problem since I assumed it was about the relationship. She then said it’s not really me but she doesn’t feel like being in a relationship, but at the same time she’s happy with me. Also saying she’s not leaving me to pursue other guys but that she has a lot going on and feels its unfair to not give me the right attention. After so I called her and we talked it out, ending the relationship. The next day she texts me asking if I’m ok and saying she still cares about me. I told her I’ll be fine as simple as I could. She then recited again that she had a lot going on and she was sorry for making me feel upset but added that she has mad love and respect for me and if I’m willing to give her the time she needs, maybe we could go back to what we were because she was happy and enjoying herself (these are her words, just paraphrased). Then she’s like I don’t
We broke up because she can't handle a relationship right now?
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