Please help. I'm depressed?

Long story short. My dad bought a 1985 toyota 4runner brand new from the dealer way back then before I was born and gave it to me with 287k miles when I was a sophomore in high school and it did the job for high school and basically all of college. It now has 397k miles. Original engine and transmission. Im 22 years old and I'm graduating this semester with a bachelor's in mechanical engineering. What happened was the engine started knocking on the freeway and I pulled over and saw there was no oil and I looked underneath and saw an oil leak I'd never seen before. It turns out I forgot to tighten the drain bolt while doing an oil change the night before. I started crying and crying. I turned it on again and it just got worse. There I was on the freeway with the traffic passing by me and I was crying. I couldn't stop. My 4Runner was done. Just done. I miss it so much. I can't see myself driving anything else. I also lied to my dad when he asked what happened. I told him the motor just gave up after all these years. He was sad about it too. We took really good care of it.

I'm so sad. I can't concentrate on anything going on in my life anymore. Not even college. I want my 4runner back but I don't wanna be throwing money away in something with 397k miles. I'm just a college student. :.( I feel so depressed. Ugh
Please help. I'm depressed?
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