Should we stay friends after being dumped?

My ex boyfriend and I used to fight almost all the time because he's emotionally unavailable and would never let me get close to him or make me feel like he really cares about me, so he dumped me two weeks ago after a big fight and insisted on staying friends because he doesn't want to lose me.
I still love him and I want to stay in contact with him because I hope he would take me back, but I'm also scared of finding out that he wanted to stay friends for some reason other than getting back together.
So what do you guys think I should do?


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  • Im sorry but i sounds like he is stringing you along. You shouldn't have to wait for him to love you. I get you love him but he is not loving you back and he is placing you on hold. You deserve better. Just being honest.

  • Don't keep contact and move on. He is only stringing you along. If he truly wanted to be with you, he would have done whatever he had to do willingly to make it work. Good friendship means that you've moved on from each other, and have no plans on getting back together. Can leave everything in the past. As well as not bring up uncomfortable subjects. That includes to never have sex with each other again IF you two had a sexual relationship. That even makes things even more complicated, and you will soon regret it and be even worse off then before. So unless you two are really mature about this, is able to date other people without getting jealous or uncomfortable, don't risk it. Last thing you don't need to do is fling another people in their face out of spite or immaturely trying to make them jealous to win you back. News flash; its not going to work. And your going to push that person further away from you.


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