The allure of a massage?

so I'm trying to become a massage therapist, which is so rad. but I've found that whenever I tell people, namely guys, that they get a little too happy with the response.

is there something I don't know about massage therapist? like some fetish or fantasy?

or is it just for fun that guys respond like that?

just curious.

thanks all.


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  • Yeah maybe they been watching to much porn, it can lead to a happy ending or an erection, ...

    • Hey tigerguy. I'm so tired that for a sec I read ur name as :fingerguy" hehehe. but you boys don't need to watch porn before a massage. I know ya'll get an erection while getting one but its cause its sssooo relaxing.

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  • ever heard of a massage with a happy ending? yes it's a fantasy. another this it could be is a lot of massage parlors are cover ups for illegal brothels.

    • Well actually we were taught about the "happy endings" in massage school. like how to comfront sexual harassament, and how to deal if ur attracted to a client, and sh*t like that. so thoe are a no no...

    • Wow they teach that stuff? lol

    • Yea. some people will actually try to harass their masseuse. so they tell us to take defense classes if we think we can't handle that kind of situation. or to steal their clothes and call the cops, cause they can't leave naked...

      so its so mixed out there ya know?

      no wonder its so confusing to everyone...

  • A lot of people see massages as foreplay, hence a possible reason for their answers.

  • its just porn stuff theyve see lol

    • Hey tigerguy, I see what ur into... hehehe. but thanks for the comment. I don't do porns tho...i got too much flubber for it.

    • Haha, check my question out

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  • I'm a massage therapist and the first thing guys say when I tell them is 'HAPPY ENDING?!' It's ridiculous. As professionals, it's our job to inform people that massage is not like that anymore. It really does heal people. If I'm with my boyfriend, then of course I'll give him a little sexy massage, but that's personal. When talking with someone and they mention anything sexual you just have to set them straight and remind them you're a professional and it's not sexual at all.

    • Thanks soslin.

      they taught us about that stuff in school but I'm trying not to let it get to me.

      some people thought that "happy endings" were part of massage, and didn't know why I wanted to do it. so I had to explain the who e "parlor" dark side to them.

      thanks for the support.

      and how do you fair on your income? if I can ask...

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