She's leaving for Australia in a year. What's your take on it?


I've been dating this girl for 2-3 months. I click with her better any girl I've ever been with. We see things the same way, have a lot of common interests, and we even have the same birthday.

I'm 29 and she's 23 and I realize that 23 and 29 are definitely different stages in life. A lot happens between those ages, however, she's more mature and intelligent than most 29 year-olds I know and our chemistry makes it hard to really notice the age gap.

We went together to a wedding on Sunday for a friend of hers. Had a great time, she introduced me to a lot of her friends and everything went nicely. Then went back to her place, watched a movie and fooled around for awhile.

Then on Wednesday morning (3 days later) she texts me at literally 4:45am and says "Do you have time to chat on the phone after work?" She calls me at 6pm and says "I feel like we're getting close to exclusivity and I'm just getting a little nervous. I think I need some time to think... I'm leaving a year from now to go work in Australia for 4 months. It could be longer though, and I don't want things to keep getting more serious before I have to leave because I know I'll stay here and I don't want to regret not traveling when I have the chance." She says "this is a 'me' decision" and that she thinks it would be best if we didn't see each other anymore. We never had a bad moment in all the time we've been together.

Meanwhile we have tickets to a music festival this Saturday that she bought for us, but we won't be going to that now.

Considering she's not actually leaving for a year, do you think she's being genuine in her reasoning for ending it? Maybe she's scared that things are getting more serious and is afraid of going further? Or does she just not think we have long-term potential?
She's leaving for Australia in a year. What's your take on it?
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