Moving for interest?

Well, I've come to quite a conclusion that would also explain quite a bit on why my relations here don't seem to want to work much past a few weeks to only talking and nothing further. Mainly in that I have a bigger attraction (not so much sexual, just bigger interest) to British Girls than American (and I live in USA)

My friends however, not much help.

Now main thing is, half of me is planning on actually going there, maybe even moving in hopes of finding someone and somehow it feels like I should just because, if I have an interest, living in an area where I don't doesn't seem like much would come of it.

The other half, kinda makes me think I should just try here and who knows, maybe someone will come along.

Basically, I know what I want, just not sure on if its something worth doing and I wanted to get some information from people or suggestions and the such on this. I'm sure someone else must have dealt with this kind of thing before.


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  • If you're willing to uproot your entire life in search for love, then go for it!

    Just make sure you think of what you're leaving behind. Most likely this will include, your job, your friends, your family, your connections, your home, etc. If you do choose to keep in touch with your family and close friendships, it's going to require a lot of effort. You're going to have to be able to communicate very well long-distance to keep those bonds strong.

    If you really think that British girls are so much more attractive than American girls, then you should give yourself a real fighting chance to find one, in England. You can't help what you like and if British girls are your type, then you need to go and find one soon. You're wasting valuable time just hoping and waiting that someday you'll meet someone who makes you forget about your criteria.

    You'll never know until you try.

    Good luck.


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  • what a coincidence I know I find my self attracted to British guys (but I know its their accent that draws my attention) maybe going through the entire effort of moving might not be necessary, you should try visiting. I know of people who visit and end up stay a while, that way you still have the choice of coming back if for some reason you did like it. and if you did well youd be moving to a real beautiful place



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  • I would go for a visit for a few months maybe and test the waters out. Before making a huge decision like that.


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