Girls, Was I wrong to ask for the money back?

So I was dating my girlfriend for about one year and I decided to move to her country to be with her.
I moved to the city where she went to College so we only met one time because she claimed she
was very busy. After that I lost my job so I had to move to another city. But we were very far apart.
She also didn't have very much money so she began to ask me for money to help pay for her College and for money to eat living expenses. I gave her the money because I loved her.

The long story short is I lived in her country for close to one year and we only met one time. She promised to meet me in her hometown before I went home for the summer. Right before I was supposed to meet her she told me she had to work in another city. I didn't believe her so I added a few of her friends on twitter. Then the next day I lied to her and told her to meet me in a train station in her hometown that night. She told me she had already left then said she was exhausted and broke up with me.

After she broke up with me I asked her could she pay me back. I felt like she deceived me because I think she was lying about not being in her home town. She called me a stingy selfish man and we haven't talked since then. So was I wrong to ask for the money back? Would you think your boyfriend is stingy and selfish if he did this to you?
Girls, Was I wrong to ask for the money back?
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