He told me he wants more, so why does he ignore me?

So first of all we were friends with benefits. He is my ex from three years ago and we had no feelings before going into this, I had just gone through a break up and he contacted me and it just happened. I offered friends with benefits and he happily agreed, he seemed to want more. We did this for about a month until he told me that he has feelings for me and he doesn't want to be in this friends with benefits thing forever, he wants to see how we go and maybe be more. I agreed, I told him that I have feelings for him too and we grew closer. For weeks he's been ignoring most of my texts and just responding to the select few, being boring with conversation, etc. I was annoyed but I met up with him last week anyway and he kept making bitter comments at my ex (he knew him), the night before he had text me with "but I'm only your friends with benefits." And I tried to take a casual picture with him and he jokingly said "nah I'm not your boyfriend" before laughing and taking the picture himself. I said "you wish" and he got silent and awkward and said "not telling."

I was supposed to meet up with him today but I'm tired of his lack of effort, he barely even texts me any more and we discussed this meet up on Saturday but he hasn't mentioned it since and usually I go to his house and wake him up and we spend the day together. But I'm too annoyed to. I wouldn't mind if it had been me initiating all of this and making comments about it constantly, but it's HIM who wanted us to be more? I have been playing it cool and not showing too much simply because last time we were together I did it too much and put him off. I'm still being nice to him and if he actually asked me to be with him I would say yes.

Is he just playing games to get me to like him more? Or is he just not into me after all of this?


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  • If he says one thing but his actions say another, then move on. Don't let him waste your time. A friends with benefits relationship is hardly ever a good idea unless it's someone you trust.


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