Would it be too over the top if I blocked my ex on Facebook?

We've been broken up for almost a year now. And he has a new girlfriend. And I still care for him so I'm not gonna front like that didn't hurt. But I find myself checking up on his profile constantly on FB and Instagram. And I know it's my own fault. But I feel like if I were to block him it'd be easier for me to get over him and move on. *laughs because it's been a year* it's been really hard. But the problem is I know he'll know I blocked him. And I don't want him to think "Oh wow she's hurt." Or
"Oh wow. How does she know I have a new girlfriend." We didn't leave in really bad terms or anything. It sucked because we still loved eachother very much but we would fight constantly and there wasn't any trust on my side because point blank I just always thought he was talking to other girls. There was no honesty. We work together too. And if I bump into him he'll kind give me a head nod but won't smile or anything. But now I've hit this point that I don't want to know anything about it. I just want to pretend like he never existed. So if I block him in Facebook the lurking ends. Is it worth me doing this? Do I really need to let him know it hurt me so bad I had to block him? Am I being dramatic? We haven't talked in over a month or so. Since we agreed to end communication.
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I blocked him. Thank you everyone.
Would it be too over the top if I blocked my ex on Facebook?
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