How to start a conversation off if your ex doesn't want to hear from you and has blocked your calls?


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  • If he has completely blocked you off from everywhere then there is no chance for you to start a conversation. The only possibility is only if he contacts you on his own.

    • He hasn't blocked me on social media as he hardly goes on it and I left a message. He doesn't want to friends anymore he used me for gifts and i made a mistake farting and his with someone new so he really doesn't care how he talks to me

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  • Just don't, lol.
    He clearly doesn't want to talk to you.


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  • You dont. You get over that it didn't work and never will and move on. He doesn't want you

  • You don't. Take the hint.

    • His a cruel man who wants things and treated me like shit even being a friend he doesn't want me in his life due to his new girl and wants me away even though he called me several times

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