Should I do the right thing to stay with my EX boyfriend inspite of the things that happened not to get back together but just help him?

Me and my LDR boyfriend are having issues this past 3 months now our relationship is losing its spark but i tried to make it all better and he does too. he has depression, anxiety and was diagnose a schizophrenic, he hwas hanging out with his new close friends and lately he keeps going out at night to hangout but this last Sunday we broke up because i found out he uses drugs and meet up with a girl 3 hours drive away and had sex with her under the influence of drugs, he can't remember much of what happened and he was guilty and was crying and begging for forgiveness but we can't deny the fact that he still cheated on me he didint come up to me the day he did that because he was afraid of me and the only he can do is break up with me. He lied about things like when i asked him is he doing drugs he keeps saying no because he wouldn't do that because i saw one of the group conversation that he was added about doing it. Now he got hospitalize because he took 21 pills (200g each) of his anti depressants to try to kill himself because he hate himself on what he has done. i do still care for him and i know so much about him for 2 and half years and to be honest i wanted to help him get his life back NOT to get back together but be there for him inspite all of the drama because he lost everything and everyone is against him like his friends and family, and i thought if thats the case he might do try to kill himself again and i just want to lend a hand.
we are both virgins and i was his first girlfriend. he wasn't that person when it happened he just got cold and changed when he met the friends


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  • You staying with him is not "the right thing", it's the stupid thing where you get sucked into the problems of someone you can't fix no matter how hard you try.

    • its staying as a friend because everyone is gone, this is all for the help not to get feelings again , he really did regret everything and he wouldn't do those things ever and he wants to get better

    • You can't help him, it's quite possible not even mental healthcare professionals can help him. He may say he regrets things and won't do them again, he may even believe that himself, but trust me, he will do those things again. You shouldn't be guilt-pressured into helping "because everyone else is gone". Everyone else is gone for a reason and your pity for him makes you not think clearly, plus, I repeat, you on your own can't replace a social group, be his counselor and have time and energy to lead your own life.

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  • Be a friend but take care of your own life.

    • thats what i wanted to do , no more beyond that. just want to help him get through life

    • But he's not your burden. Find your own happiness and don't let your concern or friendship get in the way of any new romance.

    • i know he is not , and i will try to find it it takes time but about him is really over.

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