Why does this friends with benefits relationship seem to be failing now?

So first of all he is my ex from 3 years ago, we both had no old feelings going into this and it wasn't planned. I had just got out of a relationship and I initiated friends with benefits and he happily agreed. It was going great. Around a month into if he told me that he had feelings for me. A week later I told him that I liked him too and he asked me if this friends with benefits has to be forever, because he wants to see how we go and potentially be more than that. I agreed. We continued being great.

Every now and then he would make remarks at my ex (he knows him) and he seemed jealous. And then a week ago he made a dig like "but I'm only your friends with benefits..." When I said something. Later in the day I tried to take a picture with him and he jokingly said, "nah I'm not your boyfriend" before laughing and taking the picture himself. I said "you wish" and he went quiet and shy and said "can't tell." But the thing is, online he ignores most of my messages. We were supposed to meet up today but he ignored my message yesterday so I didn't show up. I mentioned him ignoring me and he mocks me and says "you're getting emotional, somebodies in love with me" every time I confront him. If he's initiated this why is he beginning to ignore me? He doesn't seem bothered any more when in person he's completely different


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  • He either:

    Is feeling resentful of the fuck buddy relationship
    And/or wants to be more now

    • Thank you for the response! That's what I thought too because of his bitter comments, but then he ignores me all the time! I have no idea if that has anything to do with it.

    • It might. If he is feeling resentful, he might not say anything as he is thinking negatively and it will end up coming through in conversing with you.

      You need to think about where he stands with you and talk to him about it.

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