How to best interact with a co-worker you were in love with after a break-up?

A little over a week ago my girlfriend broke up with me (for the second time). We had been together for 11 months and got to the point where we said we loved each other. We got into a fight and she could not forgive me for my role in it. We are both teachers and she works in my classroom every afternoon. I don't know how to interact with her. She wants to be friendlier and has tried to joke a little, but I can't bring myself to even look at her out of pain. I don't want to show her how miserable I am but I also can't be happy when I have to interact with her. Any advice on this? Thanks in advance, I would greatly appreciate it. I think I am going to look for a new job in the spring for next year.
Also, by the way, I asked her not text anymore because I wanted to protect myself from being hurt more, and helping me move on.


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  • I can imagine it being so difficult for you. I'd find that painful. The only thing you can do is try to just be civil with her, and put on a fake smile until you find another job.

    Sometimes you have to hide how you really feel behind a fake smile. Even though it's killing you inside


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  • Just be polite. Ignore everything else. And yes, time to move on - either one of you, but working together is to work in frustration and hurt.


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  • Keep things professional and possibly be looking for other job opportunities. Continuing to work in the same place may hinder your healing process. So if it’s realistic and possible, then I would recommend seeking employment elsewhere. Until then, or if that’s not possible, speak to her only on a need to know basis and keep things very brief. Perhaps put in a request for a different assistant in your class room.


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