Angry at my boyfriend?

It's my birthday Saturday and the first birthday me and my boyfriend get to spend together.
But his gift seems a bit thoughtless.
Yes I am greatful he's getting me something at all and it's not all about that but with his birthday I spent a lot of time and effort putting thought into his birthday gifts.
But because he doesn't like shopping he's refusing to go out and get my gift himself instead he's giving me the money to go out and get it myself. I tried suggesting why don't we go out together and get it but he refused.
I think I'm more hurt about the fact I put the effort into making his special and he can't be bothered todo the same... What do you think?


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What Guys Said 1

  • At first I thought this was going to make you out to be an asshole, but I was wrong. Give him the money back and tell him that's not what you need.


What Girls Said 2

  • I would be a bit upset too that he doesn't sound that interested in making the day more fun. (I just got the vibe he is being lazy and has the attitude of whatever)

    But I wouldn't compare my effort with his in this case because when I am being thoughtful for someone else's birthday or whatever special day. I don't really expect them to do the same.

  • If he doesn't like shopping, then it isn't surprising that his gift did not meet your expectations. He seems very resistant in shopping, even if he goes with you. So, there might be something more here that you're not understanding. Maybe he just simply HATES the idea of shopping and it's not one of his hobbies or things he prefers not to do. It's not a bad or good thing, just something he doesn't like.

    It's awesome if you went out of his way for his birthday, but don't even expect the same exact effort back. Put your effort into things becuase you WANT to, not becuase you're expecting something in return, becuase not everybody knows how to do everything. This whole birthday thing is not always easy for some people. Sometimes people can just be innocently clueless as to what to do. I mean I see almost everyday how people come on here asking what to get for somebody's birthday, or what to say in a apology letter, or a vow, it's like people just refuse to think or are either VERY lost and timid.

    In my opinion, cut him some slack. I highly doubt he meant to hurt you. He gave you money to decide what you want to get for yourself. Would it have been better had he just given you a birthday card? Or maybe even just a simple "Happy Birthday"? But if you're not happy with the gift, give it back.


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