I dint know why she doesn't believe me?

I told my ex i was sick and she didn't believe me im not doing this for attention im just getting really sick without her physically wgen i said i would show her in person she said ttyl then blocked me


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  • I don't know did you treat her badly? Did you lie about things in the past? If not then she probably just wants to move on and doesn't want to care/think about you anymore. In any case I'm really sorry man breakups are the worst.

    • Never lied to her couldnt i treated her as a queen i chased her for months

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    • that must hurt just as much 😢 maybe she'll come back to you? but the thing is a girl who would do that to you after you treated her so well doesn't deserve you. You deserve someone who will appreciate what you do for her.

    • I just followed u ill tell u in the inbox

  • There's obviously genuine reasons for her not believing you if she's blocked you


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