Severely unappreciated?

Me and this girl i know have been arguing a lot lately most of it is caused by me but I'm human and I learn from my mistakes and try to do better but One time we went without talking for a month so I decided to drive over her house and fix things and as I was driving my brakes were messing up and it started raining bad and I hit my car on a curb but it wasn't too bad I could've been hurt but I kept driving over there despite the rain and once I got over there she turned me away. Then she ended up apologizing and things were good for a day and then I took a pair of her socks as a joke but ended up losing them.. I'm going to replace the socks but the whole problem is that I'm trying to fix my mistakes but she constantly shuts me out. I hurts a lot.. How do I deal with this


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  • If you think you are unappreciated on a regular basis then it's clear that this is not a healthy relationship.

  • Walk away, sounds like your playing with fire bro


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