How can he take his love away... again?

So a year and a half ago my ex breaks my heart by saying "I think you love me more than I love you."

Three weeks ago we reconnected. Making out, snuggling, holding hands, everything I'd been missing this whole time. I really love him. Really. Then each time we hang out he says "I love you," and I'm shocked because I spent a year and a half thinking he didn't want a relationship with me and trying to move on.

Three days ago, he sends me a message on Facebook, saying he's sorry for what he's put me through for the past few weeks, but he doesn't think we should continue.

WTF. Why would he even say I LOVE YOU if he didn't mean it? What sort of sick mind game is this? How can he give me such false hope and then take it all away all over again? I'm devastated and don't know what to do from here. I need your advice.


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  • Why do some women do that. Wow. Stop putting yourself through mental torture and let him go. I've been dumped by a girl who led me on for a year and after I reached 3rd base she used me then felt bad. It hurts like fucking hell but who wants step in fire again? You must want to. This guy had no control over you but you clearly repeated your past. Enough.

    • Definitely. Until you can be present (live in the moment and let go of past) you'll keep repeating the past. Same lesson for us all in life

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  • no one loves exactly the same amount. saying that to you i just men there's no point to it and its not a reason to break up. just an excuse. he sounds like an immature person who has very little awareness or care of his actions. i wouldn't trust him again, but it's ok you tried. you don't want to go through life paranoid.


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  • Many reasons. Insecurity could be one.

    Maybe he had something with someone else and searched to have those feelings again with you so kinda like a re-bounce but back to past.

    I don't know maybe something reminded him of you and he did smth half decided.

    Maybe he just feels lonely.

    Either way I feel really bad for you, good luck

  • My advice? Stay away from him. He's going to try this again, because he knows you've fallen for it twice so he'll come back for more. Don't let him hurt you again and stay as far away from him as possible.


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