Do you think he ever cared?

My ex-bf broke up with me 4 months ago. 2 weeks ago he contacting me saying he was doing therapy due to his drug addiction. I asked something about the therapy and he never replied.
It's been 2 weeks and I feel like he doesn't care. He doesn't even bother replying but he is still active on instagram, liking pictures of pornstars. lol Is it normal to feel like he is more focused on his sexual needs and never really cared about me?


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  • I don't feel like he doesn't care for you. He is probably just focusing on recovery. Do you do have a drug addiction?

    • No, I don't.

    • Well, he honestly is probably just busy with that. From time to time, message him once in a while and see how he is doing

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  • He probably did care about you , but when people have a drug addiction they usually become self-. centred. That won't change until he's recovered and his therapy ends.

    I'd wait to see if he reaches out to you.

  • Yes. He cared enough to tell you that he is trying to make improvements to his life.


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