Is my boyfriend cheating??

My boyfriend is always on MySpace and Facebook and I found some emails and he is meeting girl online and he asked them for numbers and stuff like that. Well I know he hasn't cheated because I live with him and we are never apart! We even work 2 miles away from each other and we ride to work together. He doesn't know that I saw the emails he sent these girls so I asked him how he knows them and he said girls he knows from high school...obviously a lie! This may sound mean but it's true...i know that I am better looking than he is and he is a nerdy guy and these girls are just u-g-l-y! Why would he do this?


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  • If you're better looking and these girls are ugly, what's the problem?

    To be honest, I think you said that to hide your insecurity. You blatantly feel threatened otherwise you wouldn't be asking him how he knew them and even if you are better looking that's not enough to stop him from leaving you which is probably going to happen in the near future.

    It doesn't matter why he did it. He's not cheating and it doesn't involve you ergo it's not your business. Give the man some privacy.

  • Maybe you are clingy and bi tchy


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